Digital Booster

Grow you business with online marketing. Minimum expense and maximum sales

Step: 1  Website & Blog

As per international standard and SEO friendly website which shows our products and services with added needed tools to attract your targeted audience. In the same situations, you can share you knowledge through blog and this blog will give you more and more customers. Also, website and blog are base to increase sales and company ROI.

Step: 2 Advance Search Engine Optimization 

On-site SEO is a must to any digital marketing campaign, as your website is the main resource of your other online content and is where you’ll actually get conversions. All of the opposite moving parts of your digital media campaign—from blogs to social media to inbound links—always funnel back in how to your actual website,

Off-page linking is to get traffic to your website from third-party sites. In other words, the thought is to make a network of “partners” which will feature links to your website on their pages. this may not only improve your traffic but build your website’s credibility, as you’ll be seen as a highly-referenced source, which Google takes under consideration when determining rankings.

Step: 3 Social Media Marketing

In social media marketing includes advertising contests, promotions, latest products, polls, links back to informative blog posts, etc. The idea is to seek out ways to not just get viewers to go to your social media page, but to interact with the content that’s thereon.

Step: 4 Content & Videos

Content is a king that will drive behind any digital marketing campaign. When websites lack online content that's informative, clear, which talks with the viewer, they stand little chance of attracting more traffic or increasing rankings. Both viewers and Google can tell when content doesn’t qualify.

Step: 5 Setup ads & PPC     

Search engines and social media have a pay-per-click advertising service that permits companies to get ad space on search engine results pages and has proven to be a highly effective means of advertising. as long as quite 80 percent of search engine results now contain AdWords, it’s clear that the bulk of your competitors are already utilizing this service—so don’t miss out!

Step: 6 CMS & Sales Funnel

In Digital booster we will provide you free CMS to manage leads, client's information and payment which will help you to manage all the things which is very important to build a strong relationship with your clients.

Our thinktanks will create sales funnel to manage all platforms visitor and create an autoresponder to get more and more positive leads. The sales funnel is the most important part of the whole Digital Booster program. 

Step: 7 Re-marketing Strategy

The great thing about PPC advertising is you simply pay when a user clicks on your ad, as against traditional advertising models where you buy people just to ascertain your ads. The downside is you continue to buy traffic that doesn’t buy the first time around and this is often the case with the overwhelming majority of individuals who come to your site.

Unless you master remarketing, of course, which allows you to succeed in bent previous visitors and provides them extra incentive to shop for. With these advanced remarketing methods, you’ll get increase conversions from PPC visitors also improve your email marketing results.

A one-stop solution which will help to increased sales and ROI
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Seven Steps

What we do...

Our resources work on your IDEAs & Business

  1. Website Developer 
  2. Graphics Designer
  3. SEO Executive
  4. PPC Executive
  5. Content Writer
  6. Video Editor
  7. Business Development Executive 

Charges for all resources is €8/hr