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Mobile Development Services

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Our Mobile Development Services will offer latest technologies to create mobile software solutions for various platforms such as iPhone / iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

  • Stable and secure mobile apps for all types of mobile platforms.
  • We develop smarter and feature-rich mobile applications that transcend user expectations by harnessing the power of mobile technology.
  • We offer high quality mobile apps at cost-effective prices to empower your business and reach your target audience at ease.
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Why Merak for Mobile Development?

  • Availability of complete mobile development services under one roof
  • Extensive experience in mobile applications development
  • Sound technical know-how of various mobile platforms like iPhone / iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, & Windows
  • Smarter and intelligent features in applications that transcend user expectations
  • Multi-feature packed mobile UI design for greater user experience
  • Excellent mobile development solutions at affordable prices
  • Facility to hire iPhone / iPad, Android developers according to your project and budgetary constraints
  • Worldwide customer base

Mobile phone usage is rising exponentially every year and arrival of the smart phones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry have completely transformed this industry.

Blackberry and iPhone have pioneering features, which are ideally suited for business and financial management.

Merak’s mobile app developers analyze the scope of your business and targeted customers to craft your-business-specific, mobile applications which completely put the business reins in your hands and empower you to drive up your ROI.

Merak delivers expert mobile application development services from its Offshore Development Centre (ODC) so that you get high quality apps at affordable prices and empower your business to leapfrog over your rival businesses to enjoy a distinctive competitive edge.

We at Merak are one of the most promising players in the mobile development services arena. In a constantly changing world, Merak adheres as one of the contenders in Mobile Development Services.

At an attempt to increase the communication process of the millions today.

we have taken swift steps at improving wireless communication facilities for our clients.

We provide custom mobile software development to our clients and our diligent team of mobile app developers utilizes the latest and most recent technologies in the market.

Why Merak Infoway?

  • Started in 2010
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • 33+ Industries Served
  • Multi-disciplinary IT resources with diverse skills
  • Effective Strategy
  • Promissing government or private project related to various industry